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 Unwritten Rules & Guidelines

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Unwritten Rules & Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Unwritten Rules & Guidelines   Unwritten Rules & Guidelines EmptyMon Nov 23, 2009 7:12 pm

I just wanted to remind everyone that we cannot possibly list every sim
rule. But everyone generally knows what sim play is. Some friendly
reminders about sim play are listed below.

1. Everybody will win and lose, so make sure there is sportsmanship and mutual respect at all times.


Wildcat is an effective play and it can be stopped, so I refuse to
restrict it from gameplay; however, with that said DO NOT USE the
Wildcat on every play nor run the same play over and over again. Even
Miami doesn't run it but maybe 40-50% of their plays. So please do not
make this a problem.

4. After much thought I have decided that
player position changes should be allowed, since you can do this in the
offline franchise mode than it is fine here.

IMPORTANT RULE! This league is sim but fun. The sim rules are to
prevent cheating yet allow every player the freedom the pass like the
2008 Patriots or run the wildcat like the Miami Dolphins. So enjoy
running your offense and defense according to your individual style AND
have fun!
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Unwritten Rules & Guidelines
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