MPOF PS3 Madden 2010 Fantasy Draft.
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 Official League Rules

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PostSubject: Official League Rules   Official League Rules EmptyMon Nov 23, 2009 6:43 pm

A. Franchise Settings

1.) We will use the updated rosters.

2.) 8 Minute Quarters

3.) All-Pro Difficulty

4.) Injuries: On

5.) Accelerated Clock:15 seconds

6.) Fantasy Draft: ON

7.) 3 Advancements per week(Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)

B. Gameplay
1.) Never report a rules violation in the forum, this must be done via PM or Email.

2.) Never Play against the CPU unless approved by me.


4.) Missed games will not be tolerated, with that said I do know that everyone has a life, family, job, and unplanned events. I will not punish anyone who misses a game as long as you post it in Vacation/MIA thread or contact me by PM or Email. If you have to miss a game I totally understand, just remember that communication is key.

5.) IF you get disconnected in a league game, you are to STOP what you are doing and restart with the opponent. If this happens more than 3 times, then please get me involved.


a.) If the person obviously quit the game out of frustration or whatever. Let it be known that I frown upon quitting and chances are if you do this you'll most likely be kicked out of the league.

b.) If the game is a complete blowout (YOU STILL HAVE TO BE IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE GAME) also, a blowout is considered up 28 points in the 3rd quarter and/or up 21 points in the 4th quarter.

c.) OR if your opponet gets disconnected and he concedes to you, or allows you to keep playing against the computer.


8.) QB motion and bootlegs are fine, but using mobile QB's and rolling out every play is not okay. Even Michael Vick doesn't bootleg out and heave bombs down the sideline every play, because eventually the defense would just start killing him every time he stepped out of the pocket. Unfortunately, even with advanced games like Madden 10, the CPU is still not self-aware or intelligent enough to adapt to this, leaving the player on defense at a disadvantage. You are not disallowed from using a mobile quarterback's abilities to your advantage, but do not make it excessive. Use your best judgment.

9.) 4th down policy

a.) You may go for it if you are in between your opponents 45 and 30 yard line and it is 4th and less THAN 4 yards to go.
b.) If it is 4th and goal you may go for it if you are INSIDE the 5 yard Line.
c.) IF you are up by MORE than 14 points you may not go for it on 4th down, unless it is 4th and inches between your opponents 45 and 30 yard line.(if you are up by 21 or more then you must punt or kick a FG on 4th and inches.
d.) If you are losing by 14 points then you may go for it on 4th down at anytime (This is at your own risk).
e.) If you are losing by more than one posession with less than 5:00 minutes to go in the game you may go for it at anytime(This is at your own risk.)

10.) Play fair and realistic. (Do not to use the same play all game long. It just makes the game boring, and is an insult to your own skill.)

11.) Do not run up the score on any opponent and also play responsibly if you are losing big. You must run the ball on every down if the game is out of hand and you are winning. If you are losing badly, don't make it worse by going for it on 4th down everytime from your own 10 yard line. Even real NFL Teams punt the ball still to ensure that the game does not get REALLY out of hand.

**(A blowout would be considered up 28 points in the 3rd quarter and/or 21 points in the 4th), running up the score is the number one cause for people to quit the league.

Yes this is a sim league but obviously it is not going to be 100% realistic in every way. Try to play fair and reasonably, thats about all we can ask.

C. Trading Rules

**TRADE DEADLINE IS WEEK 6. This is when it is in the NFL therefore it will be the same in our Franchise.**

1.) Do not talk trades in other threads on the forum, other than the trading blocks(MpBalla007 rule). NO SPAMMING(PatriotJames rule). You can work out trades through the PM or through email, just not For example in the games scheduling thread.

2.) Only can trade with Human owned teams.

3.) No draft picks can be traded, to many leagues have failed, because of draft picks being traded. I will not allow our league to fail.

4.) Once both users have agreed to a trade in the trade blocks, ONE member must submit the trade for approval in the proposed/accepted trade thread. Once it is posted the other member involved must reply stating he has agreed to it.(ONCE THIS HAS BEEN POSTED AND AGREED TO BOTH USERS MUST GO THROUGH WITH THE TRADE, if approved by a Commish.) Trading format is as follows:

a.) Team 1 Gets:
Player A
Player B

Team 2 Gets:
Player A
Player B

5.) Once the Commish have agreed that it is an acceptable trade, it will get posted in the Approved Trades thread, Trade must then be proposed in Madden or on our EA franchise website. Trades can only be accepted if both teams have finished their games for that particular week. DO NOT DROP then ADD PLAYERS to COMPLETE A TRADE. Follow EA's Policies. If there are any issues with EA let me know.

D. Free Agency

Free Agency Rules and Guidelines

1.) Each team is limited to signing TWO players per game week to their team. You MUST report the players you sign under the thread Free Agency Transactions. You also have to report any players that you had to drop for any reason.

2.) There is no limit on drops in this league(They all must be reported).

3.) In the event of long-term injuries that will last longer than 3 weeks, you are allowed to sign one player for that position at-will to replace the injured player, however you are still required to report it in the Free Agency Transactions thread as an injury waiver. You may also release the injured player to make room for the healthy one. In order to do this post your player that you released under the Injury Waiver thread. THESE PLAYERS ARE OFF LIMITS IN FREE AGENCY.

**If you have any questions about this please PM or Email me.

E. Off Season Rules


Off-Season Free Agency

1.) Since the off-season Draft will be based on records, we have decided to make the Off-Season Free agency a 2 round Snake draft(i.e. Pick first in round 1, then pick last in round

2.) You will be required to drop 2 players at the end of the season, one that is OVER 80 overall and one that is OVER 70 Overall. (Punters and Kickers do not count)

3.) The order of this draft has been randomized. I created a new Franchise on Madden Named MPOF FA DRAFT. If you join this franchise you can then login to the EA website and view the Draft order there. The Draft order is:

3. Seahawks
4. Rams
5. Chiefs
6. Panthers
7. Browns
8. Texans
9. Raiders
10. Ravens
11. Packers
12. Broncos
13. Bills
14. Steelers
15. Jaguars
16. Giants
17. Patriots
18. Buccaneers
19. Lions
20. Cowboys
21. Cardinals
22. Dolphins
23. Bears
24. Titans
25. Jets
26. Falcons
27. Vikings
28. Eagles
29. Saints
30. Bengals
31. Colts
32. Chargers

**This will mix things up each year and also give incentive to members to be more active because they can get a big time free agent.**

-You must sign at least 4 Draft picks.

F. Forum Rules

1.) First, Once you have joined the forum(and to be in this league you need to be a member of this forum and be active) You must make your avatar the team you are and your user name must be your PSN. This is done to make it easier to recognize who is what team. If you have registered under a different name, you can go into your profile and change it to your PSN. Any wuestions please email or PM me.

2.) Excessive vulgarity and taunting is NOT allowed. I'm all about trash talking but don't cross the line or you'll be asked to leave
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Official League Rules
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