MPOF PS3 Madden 2010 Fantasy Draft.
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 Procedure of Reported Rules Violation(s)

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Procedure of Reported Rules Violation(s) Empty
PostSubject: Procedure of Reported Rules Violation(s)   Procedure of Reported Rules Violation(s) EmptyMon Nov 23, 2009 7:13 pm


1. I will get both sides of the story.

2. I will take all information I have gathered and consult with my 2 Co-Commishes and decide on a ruling.

3. 1st Offense will be considered a warning

2nd Offense will be a One week Suspension and loss of a 5th Round Draft
Pick in which your opponent will be able to play the computer for that

5. 3rd Offense will be removal from the league and a lifetime ban from the site.

categories in which the offenses occurred will be decided by me at my
discretion. Also if I deem it necessary to give a harsher punishment I
will do so.

**If there are any questions I will address them individually by Email or PM.
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Procedure of Reported Rules Violation(s)
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