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 Free Agency Rules & Guidelines

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Free Agency Rules & Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Free Agency Rules & Guidelines   Free Agency Rules & Guidelines EmptyMon Nov 23, 2009 7:47 pm

** Free Agency is currently closed until we get all of the teams filled.**

Free Agency Rules and Guidelines

1. Once the league is full we will have an open period where you can sign
two players before the season begins, during this time you do not have
to drop players unless you have to.

2. Each team is limited to signing TWO players per game week to their team. You MUST report the players you sign under the thread Free Agency Transactions. You also have to report any players that you had to drop for any reason.

In the event of long-term injuries that will last longer than 3 weeks, you
are allowed to sign one player for that position at-will to replace the
injured player, however you are still required to report it in the Free
Agency Transactions thread as an injury waiver. You may also release
the injured player to make room for the healthy one. In order to do
this post your player that you released under the Injury Waiver thread.

If you have any questions about this please PM me or Email.
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Free Agency Rules & Guidelines
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